Winter/Spring 2017 Junior Tennis Programs

Junior Tennis Program provides your child with an opportunity to learn and play the game of tennis. The skills acquired in tennis will help your child to excel in other sports as well. We feel the most important benefit is that your child is learning a sport they will be able to play the rest of their lives. Our goal is to inspire your child to develop their game as far as they want it to go.

Young Stars: Exercises and games present tennis fundamentals with Quick Start. Basic catching, hitting and throwing skills are highlighted. 

Junior Development: Designed for beginner and intermediate level players with a focus on fundamentals and technique development. 

All Stars: An invitation only program designed for Advanced Intermediate level players on a competitive track to play tournament tennis.

Junior Advanced: Designed for Middle School and High School level players on either a recreational track or competitive track towards tournament play.

Academy: An invitation only program designed for Advanced Tournament level players. 

*New Academy Clinic: Monday Fitness & Serves Clinic is OPTIONAL for all Academy students. Students registered for all three regular clinic days can attend Monday Fitness & Serves for FREE. 

World Class: An invitation only program designed for Elite players competing at a high level and in tournaments.

Thursday Fitness & Serves Clinic is a MANDATORY program for all World Class students. Students registered for all three regular clinic days can attend Thursday Fitness & Serves for FREE. 
  • Important Program Information

    Refer A Friend: Refer a friend that registers for a program and receive a free 30 minute lesson from the Tennis Director.

    Registrations: Players who attend classes without fi lling out a registration form will be charged the drop in rate. On the date that the registration form is submitted, the remainder of the session will be prorated. Registrations will be split into three payments unless otherwise noted.

    Missed Classes, Make-Ups and Inclement Weather: Missed classes must be made up during the current semester. Email Terrance Scott at to confirm make-ups. No refunds will be given for missed classes. If schools are closed or dismissed early due to inclement weather, class may still be held. Call the Front Desk by 1:00pm for information regarding your class. 

    Cancellations and Withdrawals: Must be recieved in writing and are subject to a $100 service charge. If a student cancels/ withdraws due to injury or illness after the program begins, all payments will be pro-rated appropriately. Physicians notice must be provided in order for a prorated refund.

    Behavior: Any student who behaves in a disruptive manner or in a manner that limits the other students enjoyment or learning will be subject to expulsion without refund.

    Delinquent Payments: All delinquent payments will be sent to an outside collections agency. All reasonable collection fees, returns, and NSF fees are your responsibility. All NSF items are processed under Maryland Commercial Law Code Ann 3.512.

    End of Semester Audit:  The Tennis Department will conduct and audit at the end of each semester determining if addtional payment is due. Letters of explanation will be sent if there is a balance due.

Junior Tennis