Water Group Exercise Class Descriptions and Water Subs

Water Aerobic Format Descriptions:

Aqua Fit: (Power H2O) and Aqua Sculpt

This is a high intensity class that uses directional coordination, movement and balance to increase and improve physical and mental well being.

Aqua Suspension: (Level 3)

Buoyancy Belts are used to suspend your body in the water, while you perform various exercises. Swimming knowledge required.

Gentle Water Aerobics

Designed to increase your range of motion and improve muscular endurance and strength. This is great for those with knee, back or other physical limitations.

Happy Mussels: (Level 2)

This class is one step away from traditional group exercises. 
It uses challenging low impact moves to make a great cardiovascular workout.

H2O Cardio: (Level 2-3)

A mix of traditional water moves with intensity intervals and the constant resistance of the water

Water Walking

Smooth rhythmic movements designed to increase strength and flexibility. This class will incorporate low impact movement and calisthenics.

  Summer Subs: 

Monday July 3rd (8am) Jean for Michele

Monday July 3rd (9:30am and 10:30am ) Maria for Letty 

Thursday July 6th (9:30am) Maria S for Tracy 

Thursday July 6th (10:30am) Maria S for Letty 

Monday July 10th (9:30am) Michele for Letty 

Monday July 10th (10:30am) Maria S for Letty

Tuesday July 11th (9:30am and 10:30am ) Faye for Tracy  

Thursday July 13th (9:30am) Maria S for Tracy 

Thursday July 13th (10:30am) Maria for Letty 

Monday July 17th (9:30am and 10:30am) Maria S for Letty 

Tuesday July 18th (9:30am and 10:30am) Faye for Tracy 

Thursday July 20th (10:30am) Maria S for Letty 

Monday July 24 (8am) Faye for Michele

Monday July 24th (9:30am) TBA

Monday July 24th (10:30am) TBA

Thursday July 27th (10:30am) Maria S for Letty

Monday July 31st (9:30 &10:30am) Michele ofr Letty 

Thursday August 3rd (10:30am) Michele for Letty