We offer a variety of studio cycling/spinning classes for every level. Check out our class descriptions below and give us a try!

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Studio Cycling/Spinning Policies

  1. We request all newcomers arrive 15 minutes before class for instructor assistance.

  2.  The instructor reserves the right to deny participation once the class has been in session for ten (10) minutes.

  3. We ask that you refrain from setting up your bike (inclusive of placing a towel on your bike) until you are ready to ride. We allow the members to set up 15 minutes before class.

  4. Minors will only be permitted to participate in a supervised setting based on seat/height ratio and bike availability. Children under the age of 14 must receive permission from the director, Heather Williams.

  5. Please wipe your bike and seat once you have finished. Please inform the instructor if you notice a problem with your bike.

  6. Classes that incorporate Pilates require a basic knowledge of the discipline.

  7. For your safety, we ask that you not use the Cycle Studio when classes are not in session. We understand that some of you may be preparing for an event that requires you to train on the spin bikes. We’d like to request that you discuss this with Heather Williams so she can make provisions for you.

Studio Cycling/Spinning Class Descriptions

Allison’s Ultimate Ride: Fast-paced spin class incorporating speed and endurance drills to boost cardio and burn calories.

Amato’s Amazing Ride: This class is designed to improve cardiovascular endurance. This format is also taught onthe 1st and 3rd Monday of each month (6am)


Katy's Kardio RIde: Sundays 8 AM

High-energy, 60 minute multi-level class is designed to simulate the Tour de France, Olympic style racing and other cycle events.  Participants will receive a  weekly 'course map' to motivate them through the endurance, interval, and strength training segmentsof the class. The Playlists change with every class and include popular tunes that have a good cycling beat

Katy’s Krazy Ride: Wednesdays 6 AM; Thursdays 5 PM; Saturdays 9:15 AM.

An intense, high-energy 60 minute class that can challenge both the novice and  the most serious seasoned athlete/cyclist. Each class has rotating formats (endurance, high-intensity interval, cadence, aerobic interval, and strength) and playlist change to keep cyclist motivated.  

Tuesday 6:30pmhis 60 minute intermediate to advanced level class has been designed to improve body composition, fitness and performance levels. The class will incorporate Threshold Interval Drills using the (RPE) Rate of Perceived Exertion scale. Upbeat music will be supportive  to push cyclist but will not be the emphasis. This is an ideal class for those wanted to add to  their Monday/Wednesday endurance classes and (or) push their fitness to the next level.


 Marshall's Morning Mania: An intermediate/advanced level class designed to challenge the accomplished athlete.


 Paul's Peak: Designed to appeal to all levels of group cycle enthusiast. Participants will develop and improve their cardiovascular and muscle endurance.


Renee's Rhythmic Ride: A high intensity 60 minute pulsating cycle workout with a variety of music, followed by a 30 minute express Pilates class.


Terry's Terrain: An hour-long spin journey for the intermediate/advanced participant. Traveling on this terrain will surely burn calories. Whether your goal is to go to the next fitness level or to supplement your training routine, this spin class is designed to give you a great workout. This format is also taught in the 6am Monday class (the 2nd and 4th Monday of ech month).