The Aspen Hill Club offers a wide variety of Mind/Body Programs to increase balance, flexibility, and strength

woman practicing Yoga

Yoga: We ask that you arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to class for set up. Once the class is in session, the instructor will reserve the right to admit anyone (5) five minutes past the scheduled start time. 

The word yoga refers to an integration of physical and mental exercises designed to balance and unite the mind, body, and spirit. The most commonly practiced yoga (in Western societies) is Hatha (physical) Yoga.

Take a look through our variety of Yoga practices to see which one is right for you.

What you should know:

*All Pilates and Yoga classes are practiced in bare feet.

*We encourage all participants to provde their own Yoga Mats.

*We provide yoga blocks, eye bags and straps.

* Participants should inform instructor of any physical limitations.

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement

Lessons are skillfully constructed sessions that let you explore and learn for yourself what others have been trying to teach you! You will learn to relieve pain and improve your movement and function in general. Sessions are designed to provide a gentle yet powerful approach to freeing yourself from physical limitations and mindsets that dominate your life.

Gentle Yoga

This class is for those new to Yoga and who prefer to work at a slower pace. Students move through a series of flow movements. Class will incorporate Yoga props to aid in performing each pose.

Hatha Yoga 

This is an alignment-based class in which students of all levels practice the basic shape and muscular actions of classic hatha yoga asanas (poses).  Students take time in the poses to develop internal awareness of body symmetry and the resulting ental balance. The course provides a solid foundation of knowledge, strength,and flexibility that can be profitably applied to the practice of other yoga styles.  This is a multi level class but we encourage some Yoga (class) experience.  

Sivananda Yoga


This is a great class for all levels of Yoga practice. Sivananda yoga follows a set structure that includes breathing, classic asanas (poses), and relaxation, as well as principles of diet and positive thinking.

Stretch & Strength

Class is designed w/ those who have an interest in the mind/ body experience but have physical limitations that prohibit the practice of traditional Yoga and Pilates. The class will take a slower paced approach and focus on core awareness and development of proper breathing techniques. The instructor will introduce the use of light weights and resistance equipment.

T'ai Chi

Meditation through movement. T'ai Chi assists in the development of stress reduction, breathing techniques, proper alignment, and increased range of motion.

Qi Gong 20 Yin/Yang Medical

Qi Gong, pronounced “chee gung,” means energy exercise. It is a combination of meditation and slow, beautiful movements to relax the body and calm the mind.

This health maintenance system was developed and practiced by the ancient Chinese to prevent disease and is now being used around the world for its ability to reduce the physical and mental effects of stress. QiGong movements can be modified making the practice appropriate for all age levels and physical abilities.

No strain is placed on the body and no equipment is necessary.

Most people have heard of Tai Chi but not QiGong. They are similar but different. Like Tai Chi, QiGong cultivates an expanded level of awareness of the presence of qi (life energy) in and around the body. Both involve movements designed to clear blocked qi to enhance qi circulation while bringing balance to the body.

Tai Chi is taught like a martial art, with a lot of detail in the geometry of the movements. In contrast, QiGong is about the intention of the movement. You move to your ability.

In doing so, you immediately realize the benefits of a QiGong practice.

It is believed some of the benefits of a QiGong practice are: Enhances Immune Function, Reduces the Ill Effects of Stress,

Prevents Disease; Calms the Mind and Emotions, Lowers Blood Pressure, Increases Flexibility, Cultivates Energy and improve sleep. 

Reebok Flexible Strength and Yoga w/ Becky and on the Ball w/ Becky:

This is Reebok’s gym based Mind Body class. A great introduction to Yoga, this class is designed to increase your range of motion and stretch capacity.  On the Ball incorporates the stability ball to challenge you while developing balance and core strength.


 Vinyasa Yoga 

Viyasa Yoga is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga, connecting and coordinating asana movement with breath inhalation and exhalation.  This linking of breath with movement allows for a
powerful energy building experience creating strength and flexibility through the body and a deep relaxed clarity for the mind.  Participants of all levels are encouraged to join and work at a pace (fast or slow) that suits the individual.  Candles are used to create "ambiance”and a relaxing atmosphere.  

Our Vinyasa Formats:

Monday 9:30am Slow Flow Vinyasa (All Levels) is a more slowly-paced Vinyasa class with a emphasis on slow, controlled transitions between the postures and longer holds in the postures after landing them. Slower movements require deeper muscle recruitment which will strengthen the body over time with regular practice. Rich, pranayama breathing is a key technique explored during practice.  Stress reduction and mental clarity are additional benefits of the class.
Tuesday 6:30pm Power Vinyasa Flow is an athletic and fast-paced class with flowing postures designed to get you moving and sweating.  Focus is placed on incorporating breath with movement, muscle strengthening and stretching, and proper body alignment.  Balancing poses, inversions, and core work are offered in the last half of class.  Meditation also is explored.
Thursday  9:30am Vinyasa Yoga (Intermediate/Advanced) is a fast-paced yoga class that will get you moving, breathing, and sweating. Set to energizing music, the class is taught in the dynamic Vinyasa style which matches movement with breath and offers a cardio effect. Focus is placed on muscle strengthening and proper body alignment. Deep twists, balancing postures, and inversions will be explored. Core work and stretching postures are offered in the last half of class. Each class begins and ends with a brief meditation.

One-on-One Yoga $

Instruction goes at your own pace. Choose a focus for a yoga and stretching sequence (ex: shoulder openers, hip openers, core strength, hamstrings etc.)

1/2 Hour Session: $42

45 Mins: $62

Hour Session:$82