Meet the Aspen Hill Club Personal Trainers!

 Dana Shorb- Fitness Director

Background: Born and raised in the Silver Spring area, Dana attended Rockville High School and was a successful student and athlete in football and wrestling.

He graduated from Salisbury University with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Health with academic recognition from the Dean. He also participated in the Track and Field program at Salisbury, competing in the 100m, 200m and Javelin.

Dana plans on continuing his education to become a physical therapist and enjoys volunteering at Kernan Rehab Hospital as a physical therapist aide. He continues to learn numerous techniques that can be used to benefit people with neurological and orthopedic health conditions, in addition to the general population.

His experience in and enthusiasm for athletics also makes him an excellent resource for the development of new and experienced athletes of all ages and sports.

Certifications: Certified Health Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine.

Hobbies: Weight training, outdoor activities, playing sports, spending time with family and friends, reading and writing research papers.

Philosophy: Weights and exercise machines are my tools; I can help you use them in order to achieve your specific fitness goals.

Motto: "Success is part inspiration, part motivation, part perspiration but all dedication."

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John Kecman - Personal Training Director

Background: John has been involved in weight lifting since the age of 12 and grew up playing all sports. As a collegiate football player for two years at Catholic University and Salisbury University he has had the ability to work and learn from different strength and conditioning coaches. Currently John is finishing up his degree in Exercise Science through Salisbury University. He is a member of the NSCA and has much knowledge of strength training and has experience with corrective exercises. Currently John is a NSPA certified personal trainer and the strength and conditioning coach for the football team at Rockville High School.

Hobbies: Training, Football, MMA, Movies, Chess

Life Motto: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

John Kecman

Heather Williams - Group Exercise & Senior Director


Background: A 25+ year career that includes: an Adjunct Professorship with The American University’s Health and Fitness Department and program development for local corporate, government and wellness facilities.


Certifications: ACE Group Exercise Instructor, ACE Personal Trainer, ACE (CEC) Older Adult Trainer, Quantum Pilates Level 1 Pilates Certification, Certified Body Pump Instructor


Life Motto: The 23rd Psalm

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Beth Konzmann - Personal Trainer


Background: Beth was born and raised in Montgomery County, MD. She has been a water aerobics instructor for over 10 years and involved with local youth sports for over six years. Finishing her undergraduate degree at Penn State University, she earned her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from James Madison University. NSPA Certified Personal Trainer.

Hobbies: Being active (running, biking…); spending time with family

Life Motto: "It isn’t always about how far or how fast (although the competitive nature in me hates to lose!) You only get one shot at life so make it a good one and ENJOY!"

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Craig Mitchell - Personal Trainer


Background: Craig received his BS in Physical Education from Bowie State University. He also received a 4-yr football scholarship. Attended 2 NFL try-outs. Craig played in a National Collegiate All-Star game in Louisville, Kentucky. Head High School coach for over four years in Volleyball, Basketball and Track & Field. Certified Fitness Trainer with ISSA. Member of ECA World Fitness, and NSCA. Strength and Conditioning coach at Jericho Christian Academy for 10 years. Extensive experience in speed, conditioning, strength training, for high school, college and professional athletes.

Hobbies: Running, Weight Lifting, Movies, Travel, Playing Basketball, and all sports including racquetball.


Life Motto: “All things are possible for those who believe.”

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Rebecca Aehle - Personal Training


Background: Elementary education degree, TMC Dance Company Demo team and aerobics instructor since 15 years, certified personal trainer, certified aerobic instructor and Biometrics trainer.

Hobbies: Singing, play guitar, yoga, ice skating, snow skiing, hiking, rollerblading

Life Motto: “To enjoy life to the fullest and always have a positive mental attitude in every aspect of life.”


Brian Williams - Personal Trainer


Background: Bronx bred, UVA Wahoo, glutton turned registered gym rat, Brian comes to us via Any Gym Near You. As an ACE certified personal trainer Brian is knowledgeable in strength training and general fitness. 

Hobbies: Spinning, working out, chess, cards, all sports…I guess you can say anything competitive. 

Motto: "Live, Love, Laugh"

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Sid Miller - Personal Trainer/Massage Therapist

Background: NSPA certified trainer, nationally certified massage therapist. (Over 18 years experience) 

Hobbies: Singing, Polo, Rugby, Theatre

Life Motto: "Success Goes to Those Who Last the Longest"

Sid Miller

Joanne Perodin - Personal Trainer


Joanne is a certified personal trainer, lifestyle weight management specialist, and sports nutritionist with over 10 years of experience in the field. She has trained clients of all different fitness levels and has taught a variety of classes for teenagers and adults. Her specialties are weightloss, functional training, and sports conditioning. Joanne is a former competitive tennis player. She holds a B.S. in Kinesiology and M.P.H. in Environmental Health.


Joanne Perodin



Cory Hill - Personal Trainer

Cory Hill was born in northern Indiana close to Notre Dame University. He is a certified personal trainer, taekwondo instructor and gymnastics strength coach. Growing up he competed in track and field, taekwondo and boxing. He still plays taekwondo professionally and has won a junior world title in traditional and a senior national championship in sport taekwondo.  He has learned a lot from his time at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO and loves working with people on mobility and calisthenics.



Miles Sabin - Personal Trainer

Background:  Miles has been a member of the club for 18 years.  He has been weight training since he was 15.  He is studying business in school and plans to graduate with a degree in Business Administration.  He enjoys learning about entrepreneurship and is pursuing a career involving Internet marketing.

Certifications: NSPA Personal Training

Hobbies: entrepreneurship, bodybuilding, reading/writing, watching boxing, making people laugh.

Life Motto: "The more you sweat during peace the less you bleed during war."


Kevin Lim - Personal Trainer

Background: Kevin has been a member of the Club for several years, starting in 2010 when he was 18 years old and found a passion for fitness, health, and lifting weights. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 2015 with a BS in Kinesiology, and is currently pursuing a career in Physical Therapy because of his desire to continue to help individuals with fitness, rehabilitation, and overall quality of life. He also is actively growing his YouTube channel and other social media accounts, which also revolve around fitness. 

Certifications: NSPA Personal Training 

Hobbies: Bodybuilding, Video Editing, Writing, Video Games, Eating, Netflix 

Life Motto: The serum was not ready. But more important, the man. The serum amplifies everything that is inside, so good becomes great; bad becomes worse. This is why you were chosen. Because the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion.

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Michael Grabney- Personal Trainer

Through Michael's diverse background and dedication, he has acquired various certifications, skills and specialties. Michael joined the U.S. Army at the age of 18 and has endured a disciplined lifestyle with combat experience. After his military life, he decided to channel his focus into the help of others by creating individualized health and wellness programs to ensure his clients achieve the results they desire. Michael's comprehensive programs help client's reestablish their health, confidence, cognitive awareness, special skills and overall happiness. He has helped hundreds of clients break through physical and mental barriers that have prevented them from moving forward.

 His education includes Psychology, ACE Personal Trainer, Dynamax Coach, Kettle belle Instructor, TRX Suspension Trainer, Nutrition Guidance, Health and Fitness Goal Planning, Tactical Military Training, and much more. His attention to detail to his clients, family and friends exceeds above all expectations every time!

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