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Health & Fitness Goals: Think SMART When Choosing

Posted on Mon, Oct 10, 2016 @ 13:10 PM

Unfortunately there is no real magical pill or secret to help you reach the pinnacle of health and wellness. It is possible for anyone to improve their John_Kecman_2_-_Copy-1.jpgphysical, health, and overall wellness however. If you aren’t where you would like to be in regard to your health or fitness here are a few things to consider. Start by selecting one or a couple fitness goals. Goals should be specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and timely.  

When you go to the gym you should have some idea of why you are going and what you are trying to accomplish. If you don’t, you are seriously playing behind the 8-ball. You are either in a state of adaptation or a state of detraining. This means that if you aren’t working progressively to improve in some capacity you are physically getting worse. Random activity is better than sitting on the couch, but if you want to actually lose weight, gain muscle, or continue getting up out of a chair as you age, you need to set goals.

Your goals should be specific and measureable. Overall health and wellness is a noble and reasonable objective, but pick specific goals in order to reach a well-rounded level of fitness. Having measureable goals like losing 10lbs, being able to run a 5k, and improving your flexibility can all be tracked and completed in conjuncture with one another. 

Goals should be attainable and realistic as well. While we can all make important strides in our health and wellness we all have limitations. You are far more likely to stick to your objective when you pick goals that are reasonable. The results may not necessarily come with great ease, but you are far more likely to spend the time, money, effort, etc. on attainable goals of personal importance. Be realistic with yourself when deciding what is attainable as well. Only you know how hard you are willing to work. Set the bar accordingly. 

Generally goals should have a time line. You are far more likely to complete goals with a set timeframe. You can set both short and long term goals. If you have a goal in mind that may take a substantial amount of time, you should set short term marks to help keep you on track and hold yourself accountable.    

As I stated earlier, exercise that is not progressive in nature is not exercise. It is activity. If you want to make any real positive changes in how you look and feel, start by picking SMART goals for yourself. If you have a few objectives in mind, but are struggling to realize your fitness goals, find professionals to help. From a fitness perspective, you can always feel free to ask our fitness staff about how best to go about reaching your goals. If you have weight loss goals or dietary concerns, ask our Dietician Susan McCarron for advice.


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