Fall 2017 Program Rules and Information

  • Most programs begin Monday, September 18, 2017. and end on Thursday, January 11, 2018
  • Prices listed are for Presidential Members only.
  • A $25 withdrawal fee will be charged for any non-medical reasons.
  • A 24-hour cancellation period is required for weekly sign-up programs.
  • Schedules, rules and regulations are provided by the Tennis Office and will indicate byes or drop dates.
  • Match Play program prices are based on 2/3 participation, and also include balls (please return balls to the Front Desk).
  • Instructional Drills will run for three, 10-week sessions over the 30-week fall and winter semesters. There will be NO refunds or credits for missed classes. Courts are leveled for all drill programs.
  • In order to participate in these programs, a player must have at least the NTRP level listed and/or the approval by the tennis staff.
  • No Classes: Thanksgiving weekend: 11/23-24/17, Christmas and New Years Break: 12/24/17-1/1/18.
  • Ball Machine Gold & Family Memberships = unlimited use for one year for an individual (Gold) or Family on the same AHC Membership.
  • A one time Beginner Drills program available for Congressional Members and LPM’s. Contact Tennis Office at ext. 119 for more information.

Adult Tennis Programs

Match Play Programs

Ladies Singles - Tuesday - 7:00—8:30pm - Level: 3.5—4.0 -  3 spaces available         


Men’s Singles - Monday - 8:30—10:00pm - Level: 3.0—3.5 - FULL/CLOSED

Men’s Singles - Tuesday - 8:30—10:00pm - Level: 4.0 + - FULL/CLOSED

Men’s Singles - Thursday - 8:00—9:30pm - Level: 3.5—4.0 - 2 spaces available

Men’s Singles* - Saturday - 2:00—3:30pm - Level: 3.5—4.0 -  2 spaces available


Men’s Doubles - Saturday - 10:00am—12:00pm - Level: 3.5—4.0 - FULL/CLOSED

Sunday Doubles* - Sunday - 6:00—8:00pm - Level: 3.5—4.5 (Contact ext. 121)- FULL/CLOSED


Instructionals Drills - Spaces Available in all Drills Programs!

Tuesday AM Drills - Tuesday - 10:00—11:30am - Level: 2.5—3.0

This is a 3.0+/- instructional drill group that focuses on:

  • how to concentrate to play at a high level
  • increase the quality of your swings
  • make better contact more frequently
  • reduce chances for injury
  • guaranteed improvement 

Attendance on a regular basis is advised to get the most out of the program.

Wednesday PM Drills* - Wednesday - 7:00—8:30pm - Level: 3.0—3.5+

An instructional drills program which coaches you on the mental and physical skill to: 
-          Increase your reaction time
-          Move most efficiently to be in the best position
-          Prepare and execute your best complete stroke
-          Recover to your best court position           
Incorporating the mind and body to work as one will insure the highest rate of development.

Thursday Senior Drills - Thursday - 12:00—1:30pm - Level: 3.0—3.5 

Join Jeff Klein in a NEW Senior Drill group on Thursdays from 12 to 1:30pm. The program will improve your understanding of doubles court positioning and strategy. Though designed for Seniors, you should expect to move more than you normally do when playing your matches.

Next Level Clinic - Saturday - 12:30—2:00pm - Level: 2.5—3.5 

This class is for players who have been stuck at a certain level for a while and is interested in taking their game to the next level. In this class we will be working on stroke production, consistency, Volleys, overheads serves and returns. This will be a fast paced clinic with lots of drilling and live ball play to take your game to the next level. Come ready to sweat and get better!

Sunday Singles Clinic - Sunday - 11:00am—12:30pm - Level: 3.0—4.0 

Want to become a better singles player? Well this is the class for you. We will focus on singles strategy, consistency, serves, returns and a variety of tactics to use during a singles match. This clinic is all live ball play. We will train you with repetition on how to be successful with different skill sets and numerous ways to compete. 


Bargain Programs - Spaces Available in all Bargain Programs!

Early Bird - Monday—Friday - 6:00—9:00am, Saturday—Sunday - 6:00—8:00am - Level: All                       

Unlimited - Monday—Friday - 8:00am—4:00pm - Level: All

Ball Machine Gold - Monday—Sunday All Day - Level: All - unlimited use for one year

Ball Machine Family - Monday—Sunday All Day - Level: All - unlimited use for one year

Fall Ladder - Monday—Sunday - All Day - Level: All


One Time Ball Machine Users pay $32 + $2.24 tax per hour; Early Bird & Unlimited Players pay $16 + $1.12 tax per Ball Machine session during their program times


Short Term Programs - Ongoing

Hot Shot - Thursday (monthly) - 7:00—8:00pm - Levels: 3.0—3.5,4.0—4.5

 Beginner Drills - Tuesday (6-weeks) 12:00—1:00pm - Level: Beginner 

Beginner Drills - Wednesday (6-weeks) - 6:00—7:00pm Level: Beginner 

Beginner Drills * - Saturday (6-weeks) - 9:00—10:00pm Level: Beginner 


*Indicates program is in the bubble 

Hot Shot of the Month - December = Forehands

Hot Shot of the Month - December.jpg