Aspen Hill Club Personal Trainers are Highly Experienced at Improving Your Overall Health and Fitness Level


Personal Training

Working with a personal trainer is a unique way of exercising with a goal in mind, and a coach who knows how to create and modify a workout plan that is specific to you and your individual goals.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Do you have a work-out buddy? Have you wanted to train with someone else and be pushed together toward a common goal? Training with a workout partner has never been more fun and rewarding.


Group Personal Training

Do you like knowing that people are meeting with you to train toward a common goal? Like the camaraderie of a group? Then small group training is for you! There are various options for group training. It is not only cost effective, but more fun than working out alone.

Complimentary New Member Personal Training

New members receive one assessment and two 30 minute personal training sessions, designed to help you set new goals, learn how to safely use equipment and perform proper exercise techniques.

Valid for 30 days after joining.

Schedule your appointment today by calling ext. 122.