Aspen Hill Club has a 25 Meter Indoor Swimming Pool Offering Aquatics Classes, Private Lessons and a Super Swimmer Program for Kids 

Dad and children in swimming pool

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Ideal for people who need specialized attention or who cannot attend group lessons. Individual swim lessons are given by a trained swimming instructor. Lessons are by appointment. See pool staff for more details.

For the Private Swim Lesson Form, click here.

Group Swim Lessons

The design of our swim program is based on the streamline position, student focus, and fun. We place individuals according to their skill level and not necessarily by age groups. At the first session, all students are evaluated and placed in a smaller group with those with similar proficiency. See the backside of the Group Lesson form for more information

Click here for the August Group Lesson Form.

Aquatics Staff

Our Aquatics instructors and lifeguards are friendly, certified professionals who love the water. For more information on all of our Aquatics staff visit the Pool or contact Sabrina at ext. 129!

Master Swim

Master Swim is offered to our members at NO extra charge. This is a coached workout for proficient adult lap swimmers. The hour long class includes interval and endurance training.

Super Swimmer

To be eligible for the privilege of leaving your child to swim while you work out, children must prove to be strong swimmers. Because the pool is a potentially dangerous environment for all swimmers, there is a proper standard of behavior that must always be met.  During Adult and Family Swim (see Aquatics Schedule) your child will be tested on swimming skills and strengths. You can call ahead to ask for an Adult and Family Swim time that is not too busy so your children can take the test soon after arriving. If your child is unable to pass the swim test, we offer group and private swim lessons to accommodate any skill level.

After your child has passed all super swimmer requirements, parents must sign children into the Aquatics Department. A child under the age of 14 may only swim without parental supervision if the parent has signed them in with the lifeguard. We reserve the right to periodically test a child’s swimming ability. Please see the Aquatics Department for a full copy of this policy

For all Super Swimmer Guidelines, click here.

Terry's Clinic

A clinic held in the fall, winter, and spring designed for individuals preparing for a swim team and those already on a swim team. Focus is placed on technique and stroke development. Each session is approximately 10 practice weeks.

If you have any questions regarding Terry’s clinic feel free to contact the Aquatics department at ext 129.

For Terry's Clinic registration form for members, click here.

For Terry's Clinic registration form for LPM's, click here. 

Group Lessons Requirements and Goals

Our Philosophy is:  “Perfect practice makes perfect strokes.”  Our emphasis is on performing the skills correctly before adding speed and endurance.

Pre-Swimmer Level 0 (Formerly Water Babies) – Children must wear rubber pants over diapers

  • Requirements:  Parent/Child class. No swimming skills required.
  • Goals:  Water exploration and enjoyment.  Start Pre-swimming skills.


Level 1 – Ages 3-4 years of age, 5-7 years, and 8 & older

  • Requirements:  No swimming skills required. Child must be willing to enter the pool from the side.
  • Goals:  Willingly puts face and head in and under the water. Child glides with face in the water 10 yards in streamline position and elementary back position. Has the ability to float and move independently with flotation device working toward floating independently on back. Child will learn pool rules to include safety on the pool deck.


Level 2 - Ages 3-6 years of age and 7 and older

  • Requirements:  Comfortably goes underwater and able to swim forward with face in the water.
  • Goals:  Float independently on back.  Swim with face in the water short distances. Swim underwater. Start front crawl, back stroke, and breast stroke. Child will learn basic water safety.


Level 3 – Intermediate

  • Requirements:  Swims underwater 5 yards and swims on back 10 yards.  Child is well adjusted and comfortable in the water. 
  • Goals:  Rhythmic breathing in combination with swimming skills: front crawl, back stroke, and breast stroke. Treading water.


Level 4 – Stroke Development

  • Requirements:  Can swim front crawl with rotary breathing and back crawl. Child can swim elementary backstroke and breast stroke.
  • Goals:  Develop and maintain aquatic alignment and balance.  Front and back crawl 25 yards.  Learn breast stroke and butterfly fundamentals.  Back stroke 25 yards. Improve front and back crawl.  Improve breast stroke and learn butterfly.


Beginner Adult Classes

  • Requirements:  The willingness to learn.
  • Goals:  Learn basic swimming skills for streamline swimming in front and back crawl, breast stroke. Each swimmer will progress at their own pace and each class will challenge all participants. Aerobic conditioning will increase thru progression of practices. Goggles are suggested.