Junior Tennis Summer Camp Development Pathway

A systematic and progressive approach to tennis excellence. Structured around effective growth and development principles, players move at their own pace based on their ability, improvement and commitment. The programs utilize low-compression balls (Foam, Red, Orange, Green), right-sized racquets and appropriate size courts depending on the player’s age. Every level of the program has a simple set of objectives, and our pros make your child achieving each goal their priority. As a parent, you can trust that we will apprise you of your child’s progress as they advance.

Young Stars

Beginner ages 3-6

This one hour program utilizes the USTA 10 and Under and “Quick Start” teaching method to help students develop motor skills needed to swing the racket, learn the game and most importantly...HAVE FUN!


Teen Camp

Beginner/Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate ages 13-18

For players on a recreational track.  Teens learn tennis basics, techniques and stroke production with a focus on fitness.


Young World Class Camp

Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate/ Player Development/All Stars ages 7-12

Designed for intermediate and higher level players looking to take the next step to playing tournaments or preparing to play in High School. This program incorporates stroke production, strategy and court positioning skills needed for both singles and doubles play.

Junior Competitive Programs

Junior Competitive Programs are designed for the more serious player. The programs stress mental discipline, conditioning, racquet skills and situational training. Students become the best by learning from the best and competing against one another. Admittance into the program is based on playing performance and past tournament results or ranking.

Junior Advanced

Advanced Juniors ages 13 - 18

Designed for high intermediate and High School players with limited tournament experience. An intense program featuring match play, pattern of play drills, and specialty strokes. Daily fitness training is included in each class.


Academy/World Class

Advanced/High School/ Academy/ Tournament Players ages 8-18

All day tennis camp from 9am to 4pm for our tournament level high performance players. We will have our players practicing with strong college students to help take their game to the next level. Playing with tougher competition with high intensity is the ingredient to elevate your game. 

The morning session will consist of explosive footwork and agility specific movements along with live ball drilling and play. The focus will be on the technique of the players along with specific footwork and movement patterns. The afternoon session will consist of all match play. While players compete on a high level in both doubles and singles, coaches will be there to give positive reinforcement on appropriate tactics and proper shot selection.

Join us this summer and reach heights you never imagined. 

Prices and Times

 Camps and Times

One Week Rate

Full Member

One Week Rate


Two Week Rates

Full Member

Two Week Rates


Young Stars

Mon-Thurs. 4-5pm





Teen/Young World Class Camp

Full Day: 9am - 4pm

Half Day: 9am - 12pm









Jr. Advanced/Academy/World Class*

Full Day: 9am - 4pm

Half Day: 9am - 12pm 

        or       1pm - 4pm 









*Drop In Rates for Members/LPM: Full Day - $123/$1450; Half Day - $96/$117

(For additional multi-week discounts please contact, Terrance Scott, Tennis Director at 301-598-5200 ext. 121. Prices include tax. Tax is not subject to a discount. There is a cost attached to Try-Outs, please contact the Tennis Director.)

Before and After Care For Summer Lifetime and Tennis Camps:

Before and After Care:

8:00—9:00am: FREE

4:00—6:00pm: $90 per week/
$20 per day

After care will have a new spin this year. Your children will have a supervised experience with organized activities including: games, swim time and group exercise. Your children will also have the opportunity to have some down time after a full day of camp.

Please Note: 

The closing time of the After Care Program is 6:00pm.  If you are unable to arrive by that time, your child will be placed in our Childminding program and you will be charged a fee of $3 per 15 minutes.  If not paid at the time of pickup, you will receive an invoice for the charges incurred. 

After 6:00pm, if a responsible person has made no contact to the Aspen Hill Club’s Manager on Duty, a telephone call will be made to persons on the campers emergency contact list to arrange a pick-up.

Summer Camp 2017 Lunch Order Guidelines: 

Cost: Lunch per individual is $8 plus 6% MD State Sales Tax 


Full Week Order

  • Fill out the weekly lunch order form, by providing:
  • Full name of child
  • Lunch pick up time
  • Meal selection (1 Main + 1 Side + 1 Drink) for each day of the week you will need lunch for
Partial Week Order
  • Send us your order by e-mail at retrokafe15@gmail.com by 3pm the day before your lunch pick up date
  • Receive an electronic invoice from the Retro Kafe by 8pm
  • Submit payment online using your credit card by 8am of the following day (day when lunch is being picked up)


  • In Person: For orders submitted on Monday morning, you can pay using your credit card, or cash. Orders are accepted as early as 8:30am, but no later than 10am. 
  • Online: for orders placed for starting days other than Mondays, you can pay online using your credit card. (For instructions on paying online, see Partial Week Order section above)

Prepaid Account

You can create a prepaid account at the Retro Kafe and forget about bringing in your wallet every time you need to place an order for weekly lunches. Starting balance for prepaid accounts is $25. 

For more information on setting up a prepaid account, send us an email at retrokafe15@gmail.com or stop by the Retro Kafe to talk to one of our members.

For questions related to ordering lunch at the Retro Kafe, contact us at retrokafe15@gmail.com.

Online Ordering

If you are not able to come to the Club and order your campers lunch, please visit the online ordering site: https://www.myretroboxmeals.com/summer-camp/